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Every week I’ll be interviewing a different tech marketer about how they promote their businesses. We’ll be covering everything from lead generation to social media to marketing automation. Alternative weeks I’l be sharing quick 10 minute knowledge bites with practical tips.

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Here’s the episodes that are available now:

Episode 0: The Three Whys.

Episode 1: How NZ tech marketers compare to the US (with Greg Williamson)

Episode 2: Designing your marketing technology stack

Episode 3: Authentic Content (with Serge Van Dam)

Episode 4: Proof of concept thinking for marketers

Ep 5: Marketing to developers with John-Daniel Trask

Ep 6: Pitch Perfect – creating memorable tech pitches

Ep 7: Using digital influencers to drive campaigns with Stephanie Charles of StarNow

Ep 8: Faster, better and happier. Surviving the pace of modern marketing.

Ep 9: The future of marketing with Danu Abeysuriya

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