In episode 6 of the Tech Marketer podcast I share advice on crafting the perfect elevator pitch and why you should have one for yourself as well as your tech products.

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Episode 6 Highlights

  • 1.44 – Why you need an elevator pitch 
  • 2.10 – How to create a pitch that people retell
  • 3.05 – Tips for crafting the perfect pitch
  • 6.20 – How long should a pitch be?
  • 7.40 – Pitch me! Creating personal pitches

Now it’s time to put your own story out there, tweet me your pitch for feedback at @techmarktr.

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Cover image: Flickr – Mrhayata

Posted by Nicole Williams

I'm a marketing geek with a passion for tech. Previously, I was the marketing manager for SilverStripe (open source CMS and cloud PaaS) Currently, podcaster and blogger for and founder of Wellington Marketing meetup. Currently exploring Europe and living the dream! I'm always up for a chat about marketing and I love sharing my experiences so that others don't have to learn the hard way.

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