In episode 13 of the Tech Marketer podcast, Nicole and I discuss the current social media debate: Instagram Vs Snapchat!  Plus Snapchat’s latest announcement, and Instagram’s latest fake account success!

Instagram Vs Snapchat

Does the world think that Instagram stole stories and does this mean the end of Snapchat?
We discuss how Instagram’s CEO admits copying Instagram, how Instagram’s stories skyrockets to 100M users a day in its six weeks of being live (out of 500M users) and to date, there’s no obvious impact on Snapchat.

Snapchat: becomes Snap Inc. and call themselves a camera company – which may mean more visual focussed products down the line and a sign that they’re unphased by Instagram’s recent release. Later this year, they will launch Spectacles – a more fashion-forward, affordable answer to Google Glasses.

Socially warped: Recently, there’s been a lot of conversation about social media’s (particularly Snapchat’s) delivery of reality Vs fake.  From Rihanna to our very own Nicole’s Huffington Post article, the question of what’s real and what’s not will to continue to plague marketers, and perhaps make them question how they use particular platforms! Most recently, a French Instagram account by the name of Louise Delage racked up over 80K followers based on a facade.  Thanks to a campaign that was created for Addicte Aide  to raise awareness about alcoholism among young people, this IG handle showed the world that all, once again, is not real on social media.

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