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Tech brands at Super Bowl 2016

Super Bowl is well known for it’s big budget creative TV spots. As I mentioned yesterday, these 30 second spots […]

Adobe advertises to Super Bowl advertisers

Today, over 100 million people tuned into watch the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in the 50th annual Super […]

The importance of talking to your customers’ customers

Smart marketers focus on what the customer sees as a successful outcome. People don’t care about features, they care about the benefits for […]

How to start a meetup group

I started the Wellington Marketing Meetup 6 months ago. The group has grown rapidly to 350+ members. Our upcoming February event at Xero filled […]

What I’ve learnt about marketing from software developers

Developers aren’t known for their love of marketing! There’s often a wide divide between technical and non-technical roles. but in […]

Why elevator pitches are still relevant

New Zealand is a small country. You just never know who you’ll end up in an elevator with. It might […]

Are stereotypes harming your marketing?

I’m a mother, aged 25-40 years with a combined household income of $60,000. Tell me, how are you going to […]

Must-read blog posts for tech marketers

I love reading blogs because they often contain less refined personal accounts. I often learn more from firsthand experiences of […]

What I learned at #NZSMJ (The NZ Sales and Marketing Jam)

Today I went along to the NZ Sales and Marketing Jam organised by Kiwi Landing Pad. I was aware that […]